Hygge Sunday Vibes

I’m a Swede, but one of my favorite Scandi words is the Danish one, “hygge." It roughly translates to “taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things." If that’s not your bag, then we can’t be friends. Have a little hygge on this mellow day; here’s how I’m doing it.

Maryanne Moodie is a weaver, and her IG account makes me swoon. This bedroom is a little bit of everything that is cosy, cool and colorful. Note to self: weaving classes in 2016 (or more than likely, talking about taking a weaving class in 2016)!

Still on the Danish kick! These guys from Copenhagen are so good! The lead singer, Lukas Graham, looks like a chubby frat boy from Michigan, but sounds like Jamiroquai. They are going to perform on Conan on December 10th but no other shows. I love this rehearsal version of this song because he busts out a little Danish.

Of course the ultimate hygge for me is comfort food and the winner is...Swedish Pancakes! I made them this morning from a mix that I bought at Sockerbit in LA. Super easy, just add water and get busy, but honestly, making from scratch is still better and what I normally do. I should know, because I can cook approximately 3 things and this is one of them. If you google "swedish pancake recipe"  8,000 of them come up so, trust this Swede, this one is the best. Add a little lemon and sugar, roll 'em up and repeat.

Finally, want to know more about hygge and those cosy-loving Danes? Check out this article from the UK newspaper The Telegraph. Happy Sunday.