Amateurs Studio: for babes, boys and dogs

I feel like the older I get, the more casual I become. Moving from New York to Los Angeles almost twenty years ago didn't help, since a lot of the time I'm ensconced in a car, as opposed to on display on the 23rd street subway station waiting for the N train. Sometimes I wonder what my younger Marie Claire-beauty-editor self would have said to my now wiser, and less-caring-of-others-opinions self if told, "You know, young-hipster-woman-in-impossibly-high-heels and cheap eyeliner,  one day you will actually leave the house and run errands in UGGS!!!!" 

Of course, my wiser self also knows my style game is still on point. Part of that is thanks to one of my all time fave lines, Amateurs. Designed by fellow Scandi Anna Barthelme; Anna has been making sweaters for years under various names, but this brand showcases her love of masculine/feminine styles that truly swing both ways (I own the Fournier Boyfriend V Neck in 3 different colors, and the actual boyfriend has even worn the navy one). Of course, Anna, and Amateurs, is made even more adorable by the ever-amenable Mack. Mack never met a sweater he didn't love, or at least agree to slip on (their IG feed is full of him looking begrudgingly compliant).

Anyway, to prove the fabulousness of this new Hemingway sweater, here you have it on Mack, and on a model (it takes unisexy to new and unchartered heights!) Both of them perfectly showcase the casual slouchy sleeve and old school stylings of the triangle neckline! Everybody looks fab in heathered grey! It's like a sweatshirt, but elevated, so you CAN leave the house in it and look pulled together! It's on the top of my spring sweater list.

Blue Steel in full effect

Blue Steel in full effect

As a fun aside (and because we all LOVE to look inside people homes) here's a naked pic I snapped of Mack, at Amateurs headquarters. The painting on the wall is by Elaine de Kooning (wife of Willem), there's some books by Anna's late dad, Donald Barthelme and other cool, colorful knick knacks that are perfectly offset by a crisp, white wall. Just how I like it.