Let There Be (New) Light

I’m always searching for things; I’m like a magpie for stuff. With beauty products, it’s the fool-proof concealer; for fashion, it’s the best T-shirt; and for my house, it’s the perfect pendant lamp for over my dining table. Right now, I’ve got three dangly ones that I bought over a decade ago from West Elm. I don’t hate them, I just don’t want them any more, primarily because they’re made of clear glass which, while looking fantastic in a catalog, never looks clean…EVER!!!! Have you ever tried to clean something without touching it so it doesn’t get fingerprints? No you haven’t because it’s impossible. Here’s my short list:

Shoot-For-The-Moon ChoiceBrendan Ravenhills’ Grain Drum Lamp. Brendan Ravenhill's stuff makes my heart skip a beat and this black/brass number is so beautiful I could almost just get rid of all my furniture and turn my dining room into my “she blew all her money on this light, so you have to sit on the floor, but it’s so worth it!” part of my house. $2,750.00 Buy here

Comes-From-Europe-So-Be-Patient Choice: Verner Panton Universe: Topan V6 lamps. Danish designer Verner Panton kept his lines simple and his colors bright. I love him. If I had three of these in a row my dining table area would be so amazing I might even start cooking! $208.15 each (Ships from Germany) Buy here

• Very-Flattering-To-Sit-Under Choice: Mutto & Claesson Kovisto Rune's Fluid Pendant Light. My neighbor is an electrician and says that anyone who doesn’t have a dimmer switch on their dining table light is an idiot and cruel to any guest. He can be quite blunt but he’s not wrong. $225.00 Buy here